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Fish in tank
Large Goldfish Up Close

We introduced goldfish into our 3 acre irrigation pond to help control the leaches and aquatic vegetation. Also to attract a nesting pair of Eagles to the property. The school of goldfish is now a thousand strong which the Hawks and Cormorant are enjoying immensely. The school of goldfish is still growing which the Hawks and Cormorant are enjoying immensely.

Information on Goldfish:

Depending on where the goldfish are kept will determine how big they will get. If kept in a smaller area they will remain their size, but if kept in a larger area you may see some of them get larger. They will not harm you since their teeth are so far down, so even if they do bite you, you won't feel it.

Goldfish Care:

It is pretty easy to maintain goldfish. After receiving the goldfish it is best to put as little stress on them as possible. It is best for you to soak the fish for 15–20 minutes in the water they are going to be in. After the fish have floated in the water you may release it to its new home. Depending on where you keep the goldfish is what you will feed it. If in a tank you can feed it just typical goldfish food. The ideal temperature for the water is between 65–75 degrees Fahrenheit if in a heated tank. If in a pond or something similar it will eat bugs and larvae that are in the pond. You may give them shrimp, blood worms, brine, etc. as a treat. The best water level for the fish to live in are, pH level between 7.0–8.4, 0 ppm of ammonia and nitrite, no more than 40 ppm of nitrate. It is best to check water weekly by either using a strip test, fastest way, or a liquid test, more accurate; to make sure the water is still healthy for the fish.


Large Goldfish:

We have between 5-7 inch large goldfish for sale, for pick up only, for $15. They are great for pet fish for kids or for cleaning up your pond in your yard. The fish are very easy to take care of whatever they are put in.

Fish in tank
Large Goldfish In Tank
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I'm still working on throwing the
chum net accurately.
Fish in tank
Group Of Fish In Tank