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Miscanthus (Miscanthus X Giganteus) is a "woody" perennial grass of Asian descent, that when established, will grow about 111/2' yearly. This grass is sterile triploid (three sets of chromosomes) formed by a natural cross of miscanthus sacchariflorus and miscanthus sinensis. It produces new shoots (stalks) annually which average 3/8" in diameter, with 4" average cluster spread. Because it is sterile it is propagated by rhizome division. The crop is established by planting pieces of the root (rhizomes), which are cut to about 4" in length. The cold hardy grass grows rapidly (C4 photosynthesis), has low nutrient requirements, has few pests or diseases and produces high yields. Miscanthus Giganteus is a non-invasive grass that can be controlled because it has no viable seeds and runners underground.

Don standing with miscanthus x giganteus - elephant grass

Miscanthus' photosynthetic mechanism appears to be better adapted to low temperatures than that of many other