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Second-year growth used as snow fence.

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We purchased several hundred of these rhizomes from you last summer and I wanted to let you know we have a gorgeous new wind break!  I was quite skeptical that these "roots" would ever amount to anything but they have far exceeded our first year expectations. The incredibly wet summer and fall were a huge plus. We planted and waited and sure enough, after about 3 weeks we could see green peaking through the dirt. It was interesting that some of the rhizomes took much longer to "peek" out of dirt but I am guessing they were planted deeper or some other differential played a key. Eventually, we had almost 95% of them grow.  You told me to expect the plants to mature to a foot or so the first year but we have many of them at 6 ft. tall and up to a foot wide ALREADY. They are absolutely gorgeous.  My husband supplied me with a farm chemical to kill many of the weeds but not grass (2-4-D?). I just wish I could find an easy way to kill the unwanted grass that grow up by the miscanthus. Do you have any suggestions? Also, I believe my husband got a bit aggressive and our grasses are planted much too close to each other. Do you think it would be okay to transplant some of them next spring?

R. Niewold
Loda, IL